There are some things a digital course can't give you.
If you're sick of going it alone,

Coaching may be for you.
Christina Ervin

Here Are a Couple of Ways that I Can Help You:

Wanna be able to stop sweating when it come time to ask for the sale? Maybe you just need a loving push out of your comfort zone so you can stop hiding in the shadows.
If you're sick of watching other people get the results you KNOW you're capable of, I can help you demolish those internal blocks that keep holding you back.

Want to become a master relationship builder? That's one thing people know me as and the truth is, it's a skill that can be learned.  We all know relationships are the most important part of business but very few people can make their relationships profitable. I can help you design strategies to get noticed by influencers, identify (and reach out to) joint venture partners, or  comfortably show up as your true self so you can connect with people on a deeper level.

You know you need one but how on Earth do you get one? The cool part is, they're already looking for you. You just have to pop up with the right content so they can find you. I can help you identify the right platforms to use, the type of content to create, and most importantly how to keep them fed so they stick around and experience real growth in the process.

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P.S.Make sure you have my gift to you: The 5 Step Relationship Marketing framework to help you build an engaged audience of your ideal buyers. Head over to to get it.