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First, ask yourself...

How Much Longer Can You Afford Stay Stuck On This Plateau?

You probably keep asking yourself WHY you're 
even stuck in the first place.

It’s certainly NOT lack of ambition.
(You’ve got that on lock)
As an already high-achiever, this business was supposed to take off by now.
You should be rolling in the dough. You could be retiring your parents.
...and boy, do I get it. You’re not alone.
In fact, most of my high-achieving, heart-centered clients have had this exact mind-chatter, too.

Just like myself and my clients, you’re probably fed up (and stressed) with:

  • Watching folks make the “Big Time” while you put in Overtime.
  • Pressures of living “life-poor” while all-looks-well on the outside..
  • Over-extending yourself for a business that doesn’t return the favor.
  • Smiling for the world while the burden of shame (secretly) weighs on your soul.

If you’re wondering how to leap from the ledge of breakdown into real business breakthrough, There's only one thing that matters....

Maybe you've heard it before: Relationships.
But most people leave it at that and skip the practical part that actually helps you.

Then, they don't tell you the other critical part:
Leveraging relationships to expand your reach is the #1 key to business breakthrough (and empire-level success). It really is that simple.
Here’s why. When Google wants to “slap” you around or Facebook feels like shutting you down, real relationships with a global audience sustains you through any adversity.

But which piece of the Relationship Building puzzle are you missing?

Above anything else, you've gotta UP your relationship building game if you want to ditch the plateau you've been stuck at.

If you have:

  • Mental blocks that keep you from being the great relationship builder (that you really are),
  • Fears that keep you from owning your worth and putting your authentic personality out there in order to build your audience,
  • Solid relationship building skills but they aren't translating into consistent cash-flow,
  • Forward momentum but you want to get noticed by influencers or form strategic partnerships with other businesses....

    I can help you.

I'll meet you right where you are.  

If You're Ready to Have the Credibility, Confidence, and Connections That Breed Consistent Cash-Flow,
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ambitious audience builders- new dimensions


Tools, Training & Support to start building your global audience--today.

Imagine having the

  • technical tools (like landing pages, websites,etc.),  
  • in-depth marketing training,
  • and personal support from myself & 1000's of Entrepreneurs to build your audience all in one place.

    Whether you’re making moves or stuck in a rut, this monthly program is jam-packed with value to put YOU on the map and claim your leadership status.
    No other program offers this much support (especially at the price-point).
christina ervin monthly coaching 1 on 1


Want better results, faster? Allow me to address your unique situation.

Maybe you know what you need to do but you want extra accountability from someone who’s been there. Maybe you have no idea what to do next.

Either way, I can help you UP your internal game and bust through the blocks that are keeping you stuck so you can crush it with your business.

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Explode your visibility and lead-flow with a blog that makes your brand irresistible to visitors.

Get YOU out there and gain credibility with a proven branding and blogging blueprint created by my friend (and 6 figure home business rockstar) Tanya Aliza.

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Hear an immediate YES from your next prospect.

Conversations cause millions of dollars to exchange hands daily.
If there ever was a King of Conversation, it would be Cesar. Learn how to handle cold market prospecting and slay objections (online or offline) like the wizard himself.

Digital Program created by my buddy (and prospecting beast) Cesar Rodriguez. 
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*Note: If you choose to purchase a colleague’s product (through my link on this page), you get 1 Power Hour Session with me  to help you implement. I personally own (and use) every colleague's product that I promote.

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