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The No Fear Video Marketing System is a digital video marketing course created by Mark Harbert. Pre-launched access to course video information is available on Wednesday June 1, 2016. 

No Fear Video Marketing System

Just curious, have you heard that video is the best way to market your business online, but you are not sure how to get started? Do you hesitate to get on video because you don’t like the way you look, fear being judged or made fun of, or maybe you just are not sure what to say? Maybe you are good with all of that, but you think that you can’t get started with video marketing because you do not have the fancy equipment or technical skills to produce those professional looking videos.

If you said yest to any or all of those questions, then you are definitely in the right place. In this post, I will give you my honest, complete review of The No Fear Video Marketing System course.

No Fear Video Marketing Course Overview

No sense in prolonging what you really want to know right? So, I’m going to dive right in and give you the meat and potatoes. This is a digitally delivered A to Z video marketing course. It is appropriate for the newbie who’s yet to create a video all the way to the experienced video marketer who is looking for a few updated strategies to take their video game to the next level. Watch this quick video overview as I show you the back office and what to expect:

As you can see, this 10 module course is packed with information to help you with all areas of video creation, including the mindset and confidence blocks you may have. The main course is valued at $3170, but Mark includes another $2,373 in free bonuses! Don’t worry, the course price is so crazy affordable that you won’t even believe it. I’ll tell you what it is in just a few minutes, but for now, just know that it is WAY lower than that amount!

Why Video Marketing And Overcoming Fear

Modules 1-4 get you prepared for your video marketing journey by crushing some of those blocks and false beliefs you may have about video marketing. Mark addresses the following:

  • Breaking down why online video is important
  • The psychology of it
  • Overcoming fear
  • Getting clear on what you are selling
  • Who you are selling to
  • Addressing your content creation anxiety
  • Crushing the expense & technical misconceptions

I love that most of the videos in this module are less than 10 minutes. As a still employed entrepreneur, I’m often frustrated by the long drawn out videos full of fluff that most trainings have. Mark gets right to the point and keeps his modules short, easy to consumer, and actionable. Kudos for that.

How To Create Authority Building Video Content

Modules 5 and 6 focus on the how to of creating video and leverage it for mass exposure. These modules include:

  • Video format formula
  • Creating high value content
  • Video mechanics
  • Options for you not to appear on camera personally
  • Video hosting
  • Re purposing for multiple pieces of content

If you are thinking that you are somewhat advanced and don’t need any video marketing training, I personally found these two modules gave some good reminders and new suggestions that I had not thought about.

YouTube Marketing Is Still Beast

Clearly video marketing continues to evolve, but video on YouTube is still king because it is the second largest search engine behind Google, which owns it! Enough said, you have to include YouTube in more video marketing strategy. Now that we have that cleared up, module 7 is all about A to Z YouTube marketing and includes:

  • Why it is important
  • Channel setup consideration
  • Keyword research
  • Channel optimization
  • On page video Search Engine optimization
  • Advanced video SEO optimization
  • Off page video SEO optimization
  • Organic engagement

Full disclosure, I did participate in the beta group that helped create this module by testing the content. After just a few weeks and not having fully implemented everything, I have multiple videos on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube…BOOM! This content flat out works. I think he balanced a good bit of beginner level with advanced level content without overwhelming you.

Video Is Facebook Marketing Game Changer

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Facebook is all in when it comes to video as well. Mark Zuckerberg has even said,
“Facebook will be mostly video in 5 years”. With that said, module 8 includes 9 short videos focusing on both free and paid video uses:

  • Why use Facebook
  • Understanding the spirit of the platform
  • Fanpage or Profile?
  • Optimizing your page
  • Free strategies
  • Paid strategy
  • Facebook ad manager targeting

People often overlook Facebook and think it is a waist of time because it is over saturated. Nothing could be further from the truth. I dare say Facebook could probably provide more quite details about each of us than the government, which makes it perfect for targeting your ideal customer.

10x Your Traffic With Live Stream Video

If you are not live streaming then you are missing a huge opportunity to get massive free exposure to your business. In module 9, Mark gives a bit of explanation on why you should live stream as well as some technical set up tutorials for Periscope and Facebook Live. He also includes a recorded training by Nadya Melton giving some insight into how successfully she and her husband have leveraged live streaming.

Honestly, I found this to be a weak module compared to the rest in the course. Particularly with so many applications being launched and/or updated to include Live Streaming, I really think the course should have had much more substance in this area. That said, there is a bit of reprieve in that Mark does include an affiliate link to another paid course called Profit Scope, which does have some good Periscope marketing information.

I’ve personally leveraged live stream video to boost my lead generation and audience building efforts. As such, I’m going to throw in some bonuses to help you with your live streaming when you buy The No Fear Video Marketing System through my link. My live stream bonuses include:

  • Live stream checklist
  • Periscope audience building blueprint
  • How to run a live stream for re-purposing
  • 6 ways to monetize live stream

Permanently Crush Mindset Blocks To Video

Module 10 is totally dedicated to overcoming the mindset blocks forever. At first, I thought this should have been in the first module. However, I now think it is perfectly positioned because Mark does include a mindset video in the first module to get you started. The fact is, you will likely have to dedicate ongoing efforts to overcoming your blocks. The course is set up to give you enough to get started and get immediately into taking action…Yaaaas!

How Much Does It Cost?

Great question because that is one of the best parts about this course. I searched for courses to get a comparison and could not find one A to Z video marketing course. I could only find YouTube focused courses by some top video marketers. which were between $97 and 197$.

This entire course and bonuses valued at $5,543 is only going to cost you 1 payment of $297 during this launch only or 3 payments of $117. There are a couple of one time offers (OTOs). I suggest taking advantage of the course during this special pre-launch because the price will go up to $497 after the launch. Not to mention, you get the most bonuses during this time because you get my live stream bonuses as well as Mark’s course bonuses. 

  • OTO 1 – Make sales and increase profits with Mark’s high converting sales funnel formula training for $497
  • OTO 2 – Video Marketing Insider Monthly Mastermind Membership. Mark provides what’s working now video marketing strategy, marketing hacks, video reviews, and live monthly webinars for $29/month or annual payment of $290.

The No Fear Video Marketing System Review Summary

Using a 5 star rating system where 5 stars is the best rating, I would give this course a 4.63 stars. With the exception of the one module, each module gives great value, is easily consumable, and can be easily implemented. The bonuses continue your video marketing mastery by helping you create more influence and convert leads to sales, among other things. Click here to get access to a FREE video training series for the course. Of course, Mark does provide a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, I absolutely give my stamp of approval for The No Fear Video Marketing System




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