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Want to improve your organic Facebook marketing...Are you tired of being in spammy Facebook groups? This will help.

You will learn 4 easy ways to locate active Facebook groups to get better results with your free Facebook marketing.

Is Facebook Organic Reach Truly Declining?

Contrary to the pay to play notion that prevails, organic Facebook marketing is not dead. Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of overlooking human behavior and understanding the goal of the Facebook platform. After all, it is social media so it should be no surprise to anyone that the platform is very committed to social engagement.

With a goal to keep as many people as possible engaged on their platform, Facebook has put focus on cleaning up the newsfeed to more relevant and engaging content. Those brands who produce such content may find better organic reach because the content is actually being engaged by the audience.

Facebook Groups Are A Goldmine

A winning Facebook marketing strategy includes both paid and free organic focus. Because there is so much newsfeed competition, your best organic effort should definitely include groups. Why would you want to spend time in Facebook groups if you want organic traffic? Reassess the value of an organic post.

There are several reasons Facebook groups are a goldmine:

1. Precise interest targeting - Groups are spaces dedicated to a defined target or interest. So it enables you to create and post content that is more attractive to a targeted audience who is more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

2. All group posts are visible to memebers - Unlike your newsfeed where Facebook determines what is relevant to show, all group posts are displayed. So, every member of the group has the opportunity to see your posts. In short, you have more control over your posts in groups, subject to group rules obviously.

3. Spotlight ability - Posts tend to be based on activity. So posting great content that resonates with more people in the group can ensure more eyeballs on your posts.

4. Efficient access to targeted audience - You already know the audience is targeted. So it takes less time to network with potential business partners, existing and new customers, as well as brand surrogates in one location.

How Do You Find Engaged Facebook Groups

Clearly, there is a lot of potential to capitalize on organic reach in groups. The key is locating engaged targeted groups to network in. This is a challenge given so many groups are spammy, self-promotion focused dumping grounds. Watch this quick video to find out what makes a good Facebook group and how to find them.

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Summary of Finding Groups to Improve Your Facebook Marketing

Shift your thinking on how you view organic reach to improve your Facebook marketing.

In short, you want to get targeted eyeballs on your posts. Which is why Facebook groups are a must in your marketing strategy. Because groups are so targeted, all group posts can be seen, and existing efficiency, your time investment in groups is worth it when done correctly.

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