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Facebook Group Marketing

These Facebook group marketing tips can make a world of difference when it comes to the effectiveness of introducing yourself and attracting followers. There is no denying that one of the best ways to overcome limited organic reach on Facebook is to leverage groups.

Clearly you have to find good groups before you can introduce yourself. Check out Facebook Marketing: 4 Ways to Find Active Groups if you haven't already. In this post, you will learn the formula to introducing yourself in groups the right way...The magic formula to attracting eyeballs and getting followers just from your introduction in to the group.

Why Does Your Facebook Group Introduction Matter?

Connecting with your audience is so important to your marketing success. While it may seem like no big deal, Facebook group marketing is no different because you have the opportunity to attract a very targeted audience. Not to mention that all the posts in Facebook groups are visible to the respective group members.

Beyond that, consider the notion of first impressions. Like they say, you only get one shot at it. Do you really want to risk a negative impression of your business? I know, that was a silly question, but most people often make the mistake with a poor introduction.

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Facebook Groups

Now that you understand the natural targeted opportunity you have to build relationships with people who are less likely to resist what you have to offer, don't throw the this chance away. Remember, people are much more concerned about themselves than they are you and your product or service. The first mistake is entering the group as a self-centered used car salesman that everyone hates. In short, your priority mindset should include:

  1. Attract people...You WANT eyeballs on you and your offers
  2. Create new relationships. That simply means introduce yourself to as many ideal customers as possible.
  3. Provide value...Information, resources, tools, etc that help people solve their problems or questions.
  4. Lower resistance to you and your offers by doing 1-3

Second mistake is not having a compelling profile. Let me tell you a little secret, people love to do independent investigations on you, LOL! It's quite likely that they will go digging around your profile to determine if they like and trust your intentions enough to take the next step with you. You want them to answer their curiosity and feed it further so that you have to put in less effort doing that once you get to the point of talking to them in a discovery call, webinar, or other point of direct contact.

Third mistake is thinking your award winning elevator pitch is the best way to introduce yourself to the group. Think about it...Who wants to be pitched, much less during their social media time?

'People like to buy but they hate to be sold'Click To Tweet

Entering the group with your elevator pitch sends up the red flag in most people's mind. Now you've blown your first impression by leaving the audience with a bookmark in their mind that you are out to "get them" rather than get to know them and help them. See the difference? But Christina, I have to tell them what I have to offer don't I? Yes, but your elevator pitch is all about you. The video below is going to show you how to communicate what you have to offer by making it about the group members.

Facebook Group Marketing Introduction Formula

Just like any other social media marketing strategy, organic Facebook marketing is most successful when you are engaging naturally rather than pitching. It would be weird to walk up to a complete stranger and just say give me some money because they would probably think you were trying to rob them right? The same concept applies to your Facebook group marketing. Use the proven P2R formula when introducing yourself to attract attention and get follows immediately. Watch the quick video below to find out the magic formula:

Facebook Group Marketing - Introduce Yourself The Right Way

Now that you know how to enter a group the right way, you may want to find good active groups instead of wasting time in spammy ones so that you can build an audience of buyers with confidence.

Think you'll feel like a boss entering a Facebook group now? If so, I would really appreciate if you commented below and shared some love on Facebook.

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