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Being a still-employed entrepreneur
isn't for the faint at heart.

Especially when you wanna change lives, not just make big money.

But everywhere you turn, there's help for total newbies or
seasoned folks already at the 6 figure mark.

Not YOU: The entrepreneur who got your feet wet, 
you've been in the trenches, you've made some progress...

You just wanna get off of the merry go round 
and see substantial growth,
real momentum, and major impact. 
..just getting by isn't good enough anymore.

I got you.

Let's ditch that plateau and shoot for Empire Status together.

Wait, Who Am I?

I’m Christina Ervin, your keepin’ it real,
Relationship Marketing Mentor.
I help still-employed Entrepreneurs (like you)
build a ride-or-die audience with confidence
so you can have the business of your dreams,
not another job.
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But I Wasn’t Always A Purpose
Filled, Audience Whisperer.

I used to spend my days feeling like a fraud,
frustrated from being a square peg in a round hole.

While everyone around me was sippin’ on the industry Kool-Aid,
something was stirring in my soul and I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Who cares if everyone thought I was crushing it?
The truth was: It didn’t feel like it to me.
I was stuck at a plateau in my business and suffering.

In fact, all the pressures of business and life collided
together and followed me to my desk where
tears would roll down my face
(but I didn’t even know I was crying.)

Frustration Was Eating Me Alive.

Though I was making progress from the outside,
I felt enslaved to my business with very little pay.

My dreams of helping my parents, transforming people’s lives,
and proving to myself that I could be successful
(by my own standards), were fading away
along with any hope I managed to hold on to.

If I ever wanted to get FREE, I had to find a better way
to build my business… you feelin’ me?


A way that felt real to me, without fake excitement, phony
posture, and forcing people to do anything.

I didn’t want to be like the folks who acted like
they were living the dream on Facebook
but they really just built themselves a new J-O-B.

I wanted to do it BIG.
Hey, I’m just keepin it real.

So I abandoned all the things they told me to do and I began reaching thousands of people who were curious about me (and what I had to offer).

For the first time, I was playing full out and doubling down
on my passion. ...and some cool things started happening:

- I won awards for Social Media Marketing,
-placed among the top 10 in major affiliate launches,
-hit leadership rank advancements in a company I promote,
-Influencers regularly promote me to their audiences,
-and other professionals send referrals my way. 

It’s safe to say business (and life) is much different now because
I trusted my greatness and committed to playing a bigger game. 

It didn’t happen over night and certainly not without work.
But It did happen faster than I could have imagined because I dared
to set my sights higher and build a global audience.

There is a Secret to this thing...

You're one shift away from Empire Status and gracing the 
big stages but there's something they're not telling you. 

Being a good relationship builder isn't enough.
You've gotta shift your mind from networking to audience building.
I'm talking about setting your sights higher and building the same solid,
meaningful relationships with people from all over the world.

This is the key to  opening up your schedule,
being able to exhale because you've got steady cash-flow coming in,
and having the option to leave your J-O-B if you want to....
whenever you want to.

So grab my hand and let's make that shift right now.

I’ll show you the step by step framework I personally used to go from struggling at the plateau phase to reaching (and building relationships) with 1,000's of people across the globe.

Get the 5 Step Relationship Marketing Framework to Build Your Audience of Buyers Now.

….Your empire awaits.

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The Official Bio: 

Christina Ervin, MBA

Christina Ervin is the go-to Relationship Marketing Mentor for still-employed Entrepreneurs who want to build an audience that matches their ambition. She’s an award winning marketer, blogger, and coach to purpose driven entrepreneurs. She holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Sociology, a Master of Science (MS) degree in Information Systems Security and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Marketing.

If anyone knows what it’s like to be a high-achiever that fumbles the entrepreneurial ball, she does. Combining internal game with external strategies, her audience building approach has taken numerous businesses on the verge of breakdown to global-audience break through. If you’re building a home business, don’t do it alone. Partner with a mentor who can help you play a bigger game and reach a global audience, faster.

Visit www.ChristinaErvin.com to see how she can help you build your empire--on your terms.

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